Our wheel-side and gear-side constant velocity joints come with the relevant sealing system boot, clamps, bolts, nuts, seeger, locking rings, and grease. Our steel outer race, cage and inner race are manufactured and treated for maximum resistance to wear. We grind them to tolerances of hundredths of a millimetre so that together with high precision balls they guarantee regular and lasting performance. Most articles have an ABS ring made in a sintered material or forged steel.


Our range of ready-to-use driveshafts covers the aftermarket demands of the entire European car parc (including those of our OE customers). The components – wheel side joint, gear side joint, shaft and seal systems – are all already assembled. This means they’re quick and easy to install.


The kit consists of boot, clamps, bolts, nuts, seeger, locking rings and grease. We use two different materials for the boots – mostly rubber as it’s easiest to install and most reliable over time, but also thermoplastic, which is more resistant to wear and corrosion from aggressive agents.